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Sex Therapy

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy can include a range of issues and approaches to treatment.  The focus of this work can be on improving sexual experiences and building intimacy with physiological limitations and/or psychological barriers to sexual wellness.  Sex and sexual expression are held as fundamental parts of personhood.  We can work together to discover and understand your sexual desires and pleasures.  As there are many emotional, social, and psychological components of sexual identity, attraction, desire, and behavior, this is often interwoven with individual or partner psychotherapy.  Learning to negotiate consent is often part of sex therapy for partnered sexual relationships. 


What Sex Therapy with Julie will NOT include

I do not practice or support the practice of shaming clients for their attractions or habits.   I do not ascribe to the idea that all hypersexuality is "addiction."  I am against "reparative therapy," which aims to change the sexual orientation of clients.  I am here to help you find pleasure and relational harmony.  This does not include therapist-client touch, but it can include intimacy exercises between partners, if applicable.  As a member of AASECT, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, I ascribe to their Code of Ethics and Philosophy

Who is Sex Therapy intended for? 

Clients are welcome to work on sexual issues as individuals or with partners.  I can help you decide what's right for you if you're not sure.  Sexual issues may be the main reason you seek treatment or it may come up alongside relationship counseling or individual psychotherapy.  

How is Julie trained to practice Sex Therapy? 

I have already exceeded educational requirements for certification through AASECT, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, and currently am fulfulling the clinical supervision hours requirements for Sex Therapist Certification.  I implore prospective Sex Therapy clients to seek out professionals with training aligned with AASECT, as this is the primary way to know that your therapist is competent in this specialty practice.  In addition to my AASECT training, I have studied Human Sexuality in doctorate courses at the California Institute for Human Sexuality (CIIS). 

What about more "hands on" Sex Therapy? 

I work collaboratively other professionals and will refer out for adjunct therapies as needed.  This can include Surrogate Partner Therapy (SPT), trauma bodywork, genitopelvic PT, and intimacy coaches.   Much of this work happens with close coordination between myself and other professionals to best support your overall psychological and physiological treatment goals. 

What is Surrogate Partner Therapy? 

Surrogate partners are able to help clients build intimacy through a safe and structured relationship.  I work closely with IPSA-trained and certified professionals to maximize your safety and potential for healing and growth. Please read more about SPT here. 

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