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Non-Violent Communication


About NVC...

Quotes from Marshall Rosenberg Retrieved March 29, 2018 from

Key facts about NVC Retrieved March 29, 2018 from


The Feels [google movie listing]

This movie must have been written by therapists who wanted to model positive communication skills, a process of acceptance, loss/grief, betrayal, and many other common relationship and life themes. 

Great Designs [Netflix]

Watch this episode to see a couple navigate their differences with great communication and a lot of acceptance for each others' individuality.  

Grace and Frankie: S4: E2, The Scavengender Hunt [Netflix]

18m-22m, Grace and Frankie have a heart to heart

22m-24m45s, Frankie confronts her partner, Jacob, to let him know she wants to move away from their home together in Santa Fe; they navigate difficult feelings without diminishing each other's perspectives or feelings


*side note, this show also models a lot of other issues relevant to LGBTQ+ folks, multi-racial families, non-normative relationships (including


Cheat Sheets...

4 Part NVC Process [Printable]

Created by Marshall B. Rosenberg. Retrieved March 29, 2018 at 

A small collection of helpful communication cheat sheets, summaries, guidelines, etc. [Pinterest]

Consent Issues in Action

Love; Season 1: Episode 7, Magic

[Netflix Original series]

Watch: 9m50s -- 10m30s

This couple demonstrate some interesting consent collisions... what happened here for each of them? How can this couple more actively seek consent in their relationship?

How I Met Your Mother; Season 3: Episode 13, Ten Sessions


Ted tries to woo his dermatologist, Stella. Pursuits fail as she sets professional/personal boundaries (for a while). Lots of gender role stuff here, lots of "persistence pays off" messaging.  For her part, Stella sends mixed signals. 

Also, see these on youtube: 

How I Met Your Mother | Britney Spears AKA Abby The Receptionist | Part 1

How I Met Your Mother | Jennifer Lopez AKA Anita

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