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Sexual Education

**NB: some sex ed materials are also listed under the Resource page: Gender and Sexual Orientation**

The Ethical Slut Classes: Navigating Consent

(I helped create these classes; although I no longer teach it, I do recommend it)

Local sex education resources:

Local sex toy and education shops:


TED Talks

Ester Perel: the Secret to Desire in a Long Term Relationship [youtube]

Non-monogamy [youtube]

Positive Sexuality links (BA Transformative Justice Collective)

Good Vibrations-Sex Ed book by Carol Queen

The Body website for HIV/AIDS information

Porn Sites (more queer-inclusive with less heteronormative themes)

These sites are known to be more ethical and feminist leaning, with much more realism than what one finds on sites like pornhub or redtube. Check them out! (Jincey Lumpkin)  (vintage feminist porn from the 80s)

US Based online sexuality video collection (for a fee):

(some of the content is dated, but overall interesting site)


Australian version: (also a fee)

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