I am happy to provide a free phone consultation to find the right fit for your needs.  

Please call or email to book an appointment or make inquiries.

Individual Counseling

Book a one-on-one, 1-2 hour session focusing on personal growth to meet overarching or specific goals. You're the driver and I'm your copilot :)

Couples / multiple-partner counseling

Book a 1-3 hour session for partnered healing and growth. The intent is to address relationship concerns and desires with dignity and respect for all members. All relationship types are welcome! Meeting online using Zoom allows for members of the partnership to meet from multiple locations (inside CA). 

Family counseling

Book a 1-3 hour session designed for working with the family as a system. Blended / step-families welcome, as well as partial or extended families. Sessions are designed to work with members collectively. Again, meeting online using Zoom allows for remote family members to join (inside of CA). 

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Attachment & relational trauma

Compounded and complex traumas

Sexual / gender minority issues

Sex Therapy*


Grief and Loss

Anxiety & Depression

Dual Diagnoses/Co-occuring Diagnoses


Sexual / gender minority issues

Parent - Child relationships

Family counseling

Adolescent Counseling

*Click here to read more about how I practice Sex Therapy



Please see my current group offerings at Psychology Today and contact me about joining a group today!

Session Rates:





Please note: 

  • I reserve limited space for low-fee clients, need-based, please inquire if applicable

  • I am able to provide a superbill for out-of-network insurance claims

  • I am able to provide a basic service invoice for HSA reimbursement 


I currently offer $80/90 introductory sessions (1-hr.) to give clients a chance to consult in person


$180/1 hour

$240/1.5 hours

$300/ 2 hours

+$60 per additional 30min.


$200/1 hour

$280/1.5 hours

$360/ 2 hours

+$80 per additional 30min.


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