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My Approach

I bring to my work a strong background in culturally-sensitive community mental health and collaborative care.  In the course of my practice, I've worked with clients spanning a diverse range of sexuality, gender, race /ethnicity, immigration status, age, mental and physical abilities, relationship or family structure, and economic status.  I recognize the barriers preventing people from receiving much-needed services, and I know how tough it can be to find the right kind of help. I hope that knowing a bit about how I practice will bring some comfort to prospective clients as they make important choices about seeking therapy. 

What to expect...


A smile at the door.  A warm presence.  I am here to share in my clients' experiences, through thick and through thin.  Some of our time will be spent looking at what feels familiar, and if/when clients are ready, we can try on some new hats.  I always do my best to ensure my clients' comfort, and I will check in often to see how they are doing during each session.


Therapeutically oriented in AEDP, I will help my clients build awareness of what is happening in their bodies as they experience their feelings — after all, "feelings" have that name for a reason!  As mind-body awareness grows, I help my clients use bodily sensations to harness their inner wisdom. What I expect from each and every session is that no matter how hard the challenges may feel to those entering my office, my clients will leave with a sense of relief and restored hope.  

I won't bite.  Promise!  I'm here to support clients' safety, health, and growth, in whatever shape that takes.  That said, I can help clients step out of their comfort zones when the time feels right.  It can initially feel like work to take risk with a new experience.  As we traverse the journey together, we build trust, self-esteem, and relationship skills. 

Frequency and duration of therapy is dependent on how the process unfolds, and I respect that many factors can impact clients' availability.  I work with clients to make the most of the time we have together. 

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

AEDP is an emerging form of therapy wherein the therapist takes an active, participatory role in allowing clients to form a healthy attachment in order to ensure a non-judgemental and safe emotional space. With this secure and trusting emotional "base," it's possible to explore and address issues of trauma, suffering, loss, and damaged attachments effectively and compassionately.

How is AEDP different from other styles of treatment?


AEDP is different because it's not always about storytelling.  It's also about creating new experiences in the client-therapist relationship, and then making meaning from those that can carry out to other experiences.  

Is AEDP right for me?


While this modality of treatment is particularly helpful in healing trauma wounds, it is also an effective approach for a variety of applications.  AEDP serves as a framework for care and is easily used in concert with other types of therapeutic approaches.  

Do you practice other therapeutic methods in addition to AEDP?

Yes, in addition to AEDP, I combine various methods of therapeutic healing in ways unique to each client to provide the most tailored, targeted, and effective care I possibly can.  Approaches I draw from include: Mindfulness techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Structural and Strategic Therapies, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Harm-Reduction, Crisis Intervention, and Sex Therapy.  My clients and I discover together what path leads toward healing and growth, and together we develop a plan for my clients' healthy, happy living.

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