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Consent Issues in Action

Love; Season 1: Episode 7, Magic

[Netflix Original series]

Watch: 9m50s -- 10m30s

This couple demonstrate some interesting consent collisions... what happened here for each of them? How can this couple more actively seek consent in their relationship?

How I Met Your Mother; Season 3: Episode 13, Ten Sessions


Ted tries to woo his dermatologist, Stella. Pursuits fail as she sets professional/personal boundaries (for a while). Lots of gender role stuff here, lots of "persistence pays off" messaging.  For her part, Stella sends mixed signals. 

Also, see these on youtube: 

How I Met Your Mother | Britney Spears AKA Abby The Receptionist | Part 1

How I Met Your Mother | Jennifer Lopez AKA Anita


Sneeches by Dr. Seuss [youtube]

Animated group think, stigma, and the social construction of morality

Frederick by Leo Lionni [youtube]

If you have ADHD, watch this and take it in :)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer; Season 4: Espisode 19, New Moon Rising [Hulu]

Buffy tempers her reaction to her friend, Willow, coming out as female-attracted; Willow confronts her friend's bias

Watch: 15m43s--19m00s

Buffy Tidbit -- this was the first show to capture a female-female kiss  [youtube]

The following TV series model relationships that openly affirm unique identities and mental health needs:

The Good Doctor (Dr. Shaun Murphy, who has Autism, in relationship with his neighbor, Lea, herself with personal challenges)

This Is Us (Randall and Beth - Randall's anxiety; Kate and Toby - eating disorders)

Love (Mickey and Gus navigate through relational differences and Mickey's recovery from alcoholism)

Attachment Theory

Still Face Experiment: Dr. Edward Tronick  [youtube]

Hugely important study. Shows child vying for attention from his primary caregiver (mom). 

Measuring Attachment: Strange Situation  [youtube]

Hugely important study. Shows young children exhibit attachment styles in the face of relationally anxiety provoking .  Relate to any of these kids? nb. questionable research ethics, I hope the kids got unlimited therapy for participation. 

Attachment Theory: How Your Childhood Shaped You  [youtube]

Food for thought- Why do we continue to praise The Giving Tree  as a children's story? This sends a message that is a bit too self-sacrificial (some might use the term "co-dependent")



Science Bulletins: Mapping Emotions in the Body  [youtube]

Polyvagal Theory Dr Stephen Porges  [youtube]

Good visual diagram and explanation 

Stephen Porges: The Polyvagal Theory & The Vagal Nerve – #264  [youtube]

Interview of Stephen Porges by Bulletproof (Published Dec. 1, 2015)

The Polyvagal Theory: The New Science of Safety and Trauma [youtube]

Stress Response explained

29: How to Heal Your Triggers and Trauma with Peter Levine [youtube]

Audio Show: Relationship Alive


The Fight Flight Freeze Response [youtube]


Amygdala Hijack & Emotional Intelligence [youtube]

SevenSlideSeries: Threat Response Patterns  [youtube]

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime | Nadine Burke Harris  [youtube]

Generational Trauma

Building resilience...

Healing & coping strategies, thoughts, resources, etc. 

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

Wisdom from one of the greats... coping in the face of tragedy

Living Like You Mean It: Use the Wisdom and Power of Your Emotions to Get the Life You Really Want 
by Ronald J. Frederick [book]

How to Heal the "Vagus Nerve" to Heal Your Mind & Body [youtube]

Find your primal posture and sit without back pain: Esther Gokhale at TEDxStanford [youtube]

Sit a Lot? Learn How to Sit well

How to breathe | Belisa Vranich | TEDxManhattanBeach [youtube]

More on breathing

Ellie Drake shows you how to stimulate your Vagus Nerve with THIS Breath! [youtube]

Let's get motivated to learn new techniques I want what she's having!

BREATHE. | Joe DiStefano | TEDxLugano  [youtube]

"Sympathetic Overdrive" is a modern energy drain, decreases functionality; Three exercises to breathe better and return to calm 

Other self care: 


Good sleep hygiene, mediation apps such as relaxation, 

Nutrition for various conditions- forum

Spoon Theory-- rationing your energy

Fun facts and fixes: 

Chew gum- it increases focus and improves mood (activates nervous system)

Singing is good for you, singing with others increases positive bonding feelings and cooperativity

Pets make great companions!

Mindful Entertainment 

The World's Most Extraordinary Homes [Netflix]

Needing Calming entertainment? Notwithstanding some cultural bias, this show is very safe watching and relaxing. 

Mood Music channels on Spotify 

@lorynbrantz [Instagram]


@thesparkledlife [Instagram]

Inspiring for those with chronic illness

Meditation apps: 10% Happier, Calm, 

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